Coping with bereavement, grief and loss through music

May 3, 2019

How can music and song help with grief?


Family members are generally our most loved people and in many cases it’s Grandma and Grandpa who get the biggest loving. You may have even considered a song for Grandma over the years but not known where to look. This is where The Songwriting Company comes in. I provide a way of releasing some of that grief for people who may be thinking of alternative memorial ideas away from the standard memorial services.


The Songwriting Company provides affordable memorials to honour the memories of your loved ones, to help with the grieving process but also to add colour and light to the celebration of life.


Sit down with The Songwriting Company and have their stories and memories turned into a beautiful love song, an uplifting ballad or a simple acoustic memory.


Grief and loss isn’t something that goes away and so a song can speak in emotions through the melodies and key changes, the space between the words and can be a powerful form of grief therapy. It must be noted this isn’t a substitute for grief counseling, which should always be considered if things feel too much to bear.


Grief reactions



These vary from individual to individual and mental health is paramount during this time, so always seek the help of a professional if needed but if you’re dealing with grief reasonably well and want a unique memorial, then The Songwriting Company is for you.


Why songs?


Romantic songs have always been filled with emotion so imagine the power when it’s focused on the person you loved most in life? It’s not only a wonderful way of creating days of remembrance but can also provide the feeling of a ‘balloon release’ when lost in the music and memories.


Stages of grief

There’s no time limit to these feelings and you may experience the following:


  • shock and numbness – this is usually the first reaction to the death, and people often speak of being in a daze

  • overwhelming sadness, with lots of crying

  • tiredness or exhaustion

  • anger – for example, towards the person who died, their illness, or God

  • guilt – for example, guilt about feeling angry, about something you said or didn't say, or about not being able to stop your loved one dying



Coping with complicated grief


What happens if grief is unresolved?


Talking, sharing and finding people to lean on is a healthy way to cope. In some cases your family may also be grieving too and unable to be there to support so you can contact local bereavement services through:

Talking about the person who has died

This is where The Songwriting Company helps family and friends the best, as it gives you an opportunity to sit down and speak openly about your memories, feelings and stories of your loved one or loved ones.


Anniversaries can be a particularly difficult time, so sitting down with the intention of capturing their life and memories in a song, can embed a new experience and memory for that time each year and make it a more positive time.


What happens with the song?


There are a few ways to present the song but the best way is committing it to a format which can be passed down for generations, so we suggest vinyl. It’s a durable format and lasts a long time.


The song is also stored in the Cloud on a personal and private area of The Songwriting Company website, which can be accessed anywhere and at any time.


If you’re thinking “I’d love a song for my husband” or wondering if there are other ways on how to remember our dead, then this is the right place for you and your beautiful family.



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