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Hello, I'm Jay.


I'm here to give you and your family a deeply rich, powerful and connected way of remembering your ancestors and loved ones for generations to come.


Your history, genealogy and ancestry is hugely important and with the help of my 25 years of songwriting and music experience, we can create a song filled with stories and emotion all about your loved one and your connection to them, over a nice cup of tea and biscuits.

It's more than a gravestone or plaque, it's deeper than photographs or written stories and your family could benefit from it for hundreds if not thousands of years. Change the Anniversary of their death into something more positive and life-affirming. A new celebration of their life.

Music has a way of filling your heart and capturing the soul and life of the person in it, so presenting your loved ones (and eventually ancestors) in song is a colourful, uplifting and accurate way to present personality, emotion and family connections not only to future generations but also to future historians and genealogists.

Get in touch  to see how I can make this happen for you. - Jay x

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When you came I had been upset about the previous weeks because I was struggling to remember my mum not ill and suffering from cancer and Alzheimer's. I had forgotten what it was like just hanging out with her and bneing a family, rather than watching her demise. When you came to talk to us and let us regale the work stories of her, I have 'new' old memories of her - as her. As my mum, Grandma and it's been liberating and lovely. Never underestimate what you do for families from the very beginning. Thankyou xxxx

jb / personal / memorial tribute

Jay must be a great listener. I wanted a song for my wife, due to distance we spoke on the phone. I told Jay what I was after and he asked me questions about my wife, how we met etc etc. And then very quickly a demo arrived in my inbox and the words and sentiments, the phrases uses were mine, but organised in to a song. My wife will definitely know a lot of what is said in her song has come directly from me. I cant wait to see her face when I giver her this present.

rp / personal / anniversary gift

My partner is not materialistic and neither does he like big parties. He is a musician, I am not... So the love song that Jay wrote and performed was the perfect gift for his significant birthday. Every detail was considered with sensitivity and Jay even let me sing harmonies on the track, which personalised the gift even more. I really enjoyed the whole process and my partner was so moved by the finished piece that he cried <3 Thanks Jay!

js / personal / 60th birthday gift

Jay is brilliant at creating a song that conveys the exact message you want. He created the intro and outro to my podcast show, Corporate Hostage, No More!, and it was exactly what I was looking for. I wanted it upbeat, positive feeling, motivating, and that’s exactly what I got, and more. I love it! And after hearing it weekly for over three years, it never gets old. After just one conversation Jay was able to capture the essence in music of what I was looking for. Jay — you are amazing!!!

jtt / president of JATAJ wealth management / podcast theme

Jay! We just wanted to say a massive thank you for your thoughtful, amusing and 'exactly what we were looking for' song that you wrote for our daughter Lauren's wedding. You were absolutely fantastic and we had so many guests giving you positive feedback! You helped to make the father of the bride speech flow by putting to music our thoughts and feelings of love. Such 'absolute perfection'.

js / mother of the bride / wedding song gift

I've commissioned two musical compositions from Jay for my healing arts practice.  I completely enjoyed collaborating with him myself and my clients and workshop audiences love the music designed specifically for our intentions and gatherings.  For other practitioners seeking a customized creation for their own unique work, this will be a wonderful new experience for you and a very meaningful addition to your offerings for your clients.

lb / life coach / changing times planning theme

What an awesome concept and wonderfully delivered!!!! It's not often I'm dumbstruck but I just sat with my hands clasped to my mouth in wonderment!
Thankyou is hardly enough, but thank you

m / dad / birthday gift

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