Family Heirlooms

March 2, 2019

I went to an event recently hosted by Lancashire SME and they help upcoming businesses with various tools, including some well experienced speakers and also a bit of food which is always gratefully devoured.


At this particular workshop we were looking at sales techniques, one of which I'd never heard of before. As we were role-playing (which makes me shudder a bit) something amazing clicked in my head regarding the service I'm providing and it's shifted the way I'm putting myself out there now.


It made me realise that what I'm doing, the songs I'm writing for families and the content of them, is basically a brand new way of creating a valuable, long-lasting family heirloom. It isn't just a song, it's a whole generation's worth of memories captured by ancestors many years ago... eventually at least anyway.


I imagine one day it will be the norm to come to The Songwriting Company and have a song written alongside a memorial stone or plaque. It's a given that when our loved ones pass away, we save a little aside for creating something for future generations to remember their ancestors. A way of remembering the ancestors who wrote about their ancestors and so on. This could be the way. Globally. In multiple languages, written by a high-quality network of songwriters across the planet in culturally appropriate musical styles.


Here's what I'm saying to the world now and I'm grateful you read this far:


Hello my name is Jay Stansfield and I run The Songwriting Company. I have been writing songs and recording albums, performing gigs and releasing music for 25 years and I am using my wealth of experience and skills to provide individuals and families with a unique and precious service. I provide people with the opportunity to capture their lives in song, their love, their wishes and advice in order to leave a lasting heirloom for future generations within a family.


My service facilitates a therapeutic, tenderly performed and


professionally recorded song where we sit down, have a warm conversation and those words, stories and feelings are transformed into a timeless musical presentation.


The recording is delivered on a variety of durable formats including Vinyl, Cassette, Digital USB, Cloud Hosting or streaming. Most of these formats can be passed from generation to generation and give a family something magical to treasure. If requested the song can be released on streaming platforms such as Spotify or Apple Music and licensed with the Performing Rights Society for future lifetime royalty payments.


It’s a new way of creating something powerful and long-lasting for the most important people in a family’s life, providing a therapeutic and irreplaceable way of remembering who they were and providing a new way of enhancing a family tree.


I look forward to hearing from you.



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