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May 8, 2018

I started a journey that I never thought I would be going on and I am so happy that I've decided to take the leap into the void to follow my true passion. I'm putting all my energy and focus into The Songwriting Company: A Creative World of Imagination, which is something that I feel can bring something magical and exciting to the world.

I'm nervous and excited all at the same time and it's an amazing feeling to know that after 15 years of working in a primary school I am now finally going to release the shackles of IT support and instead thrive creatively in the world. 


It isn't a decision made lightly of course and if you ever considered becoming self-employed and following your passion, then I would at least have some kind of action plan. It doesn't have to be to the letter however something to help you take that leap is massively recommended. I drafted up a rough business plan and got myself a business coach ( who helped me focus and get the clients coming in straight away plus I have the added advantage of having a wife who works full time, so money wouldn't be totally barren if everything goes tits up. 


I did know, however, that without taking that first step into free time I would be faced with no real opportunities to grow as a business and life would slowly pass me by. I didn't want to miss that.


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