Songs For The Bereaved

April 30, 2019



I write songs for people who want to remember their loved ones. I help the pain by providing an experience for you beyond just words and into the realms of unspoken emotion, where we sit down and talk, feel the emotion, remember the beautiful times and I take your words and turn them into a song through a combination of intuition, soul channeling and empathy. I'm also very persistent.


It's something I started because I felt there was a need, if only for me at first, to have something more powerful and connecting than just a space in a cemetery or a plaque on a wall. I wanted to use my sensitivity, spirituality and musical ability to craft memorial songs beyond anything that has been done before and so this is why I formed The Songwriting Company.


One of my most successful commissions was writing A Song For Edward which was written for a young boy who sadly lost his life to Sepsis following Meningitis. I met up with his mum Liz Dee who started The Edward Dee Fund following his death, who was hugely interested in the service I was offering and so we had a coffee, talked about Edward and his lovely memories and I was able to connect to his spirit and write the song.

We used the song to raise awareness of the dangers of Meningitis and Sepsis, gaining the support of celebrities such as Matt Lucas, Keith Lemon and Jason Watkins and getting it to No. 7 in the Amazon Music Charts. Since its release it's had over 11k streams and we're really proud of what the song brought to both the family and the wider community.


You can help the cause by following this link:


My vision is to be providing these songs to families and individuals the world over, with songwriters in every country stationed at walk-in centres. Your loved one's memories will be delivered into a large-scale virtual world, online in the cloud, where they can be assigned a private or public customised plot to be remembered. A living, breathing, organic world experienced with a Virtual Reality headset.


It's a big dream but I'm never going to stop building it and whoever wants to come along for the ride - you're more than welcome to join me!





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